Best Voip Solutions

If you have made the logical leap into VoIP technology for your home, home-based business or business you are already aware of the benefits of VoIP telephone communication. While you are saving money by not paying for long distance calls, it is likely that you are not taking advantage of all the powerful VoIP features your VoIP provider offers. In most cases, these services are provided free of charge as part of your VoIP service and by not using them and paying for other services your business or home budget is being affected. By harnessing the power of your VoIP services, you will find that you are more productive and will save money.

Throw away your fax machine

If your VoIP provider does not offer virtual fax services you should be looking for a VoIP service that does as a no-cost option. This service allows documents to be sent and received virtually eliminating the need for a fax machine and dedicated line for the fax machine. The upkeep of a fax machine is eliminated and an inexpensive scanner can be used in its place to send faxes to anyone in the world. If your business is inundated with unsolicited junk faxes, virtual faxing will be not only a time saver but will help save paper and supplies. Those junk faxes are received virtually and can be marked as junk quickly and easily; preventing the next instance of the fax from even coming through. Most VoIP services that have virtual fax services keep a database of junk fax numbers so even from your first day signing up; the service is aware of many junk fax senders and blocks their attempts to advertise through your fax machine. Received faxes come through as adobe.pdf files which can be viewed on virtually any computer and sent files can be sent in many different formats including word documents. Instead of a hastily written cover page, all of your sent faxes are legible and typed out, adding a level of professionalism to any fax that is sent.

Never miss a call again

Another benefit that many people do not take advantage of with their VoIP service is its ability to forward calls to other phones and even cell phones. While you will still use minutes when taking a work call on your cellular phone, you will never miss an important business call because you decided to take a lunch break. This feature is available on almost every VoIP service and again, should be a free service from your VoIP provider. The process is simply, typically typing in a code onto the phone, then the phone number to activate the call forwarding and typing in the code again to turn the service off once back in the office. Answering a call is far more powerful than letting the voicemail system take a message and the attempt afterwards to return the call. By ensuring that you can take that call anytime, you are showing your clients and potential clients that you are always available for them.